Without change there would be no butterfly...

Since 1993

Tragically, our beloved Bethany lost the chance to see her life change into the beautiful existence she so much deserved. Her opportunity to soar was stripped away by the dark, seemingly bottomless disease of depression.  Despite her passing, she lives on as our inspiration and in guiding our purpose. There is much that Bethany taught us, both in life and in her untimely passing, which has transformed us into agents of change. This transformation, born from tragedy, seeks to ensure that this isolating disease will never again take a beautiful life such as Bethany’s.

The Bethany Anne Galdes Foundation is dedicated to educating our community about depression as a life-threatening disease. We will accomplish this by creating awareness and providing alternative crisis intervention settings with evidence based treatments to overcome this disease. Our hope and mission is to help young adults find ways to defeat depression, so that they can transform into the butterflies that God intends them to become.

Together, we can provide solutions. Life can be difficult, but together, we can overcome the darkness of depression and its effect on the ones that we love. Together, it is well within our reach to conquer depression. As someone who suffered has once said, “the heart of the wise is in the house of the mourning.” Let us work to unlock this wisdom and undergo our own metamorphosis, so that we may emerge from our cocoons with a joyful burst of brilliant colors TOGETHER.


Help make a difference...

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